Planet Zoo is stained from Australia: update with Kangaroos


Planet Zoo will receive the Australian package on August 25. Five species from the country will debut in the game together with update 1.3.

Planet Zoo will receive its next content pack on August 25: Australia. Koalas, Dingoes, Red Kangaroos, Southern Cassowaries and Blue-tongued Skinks may be part of your reserve. The five iconic animals of the Australian country will bring with them a multitude of unpublished elements.

Frontier Developments puts more than 230 “recycled and modern” building objects with which to decorate your zoo and complete new challenges. Koalas will need fresh eucalyptus to maintain a high level of happiness, and each species will have its own habitat that we can build.

Alongside them, a new challenge zoo is introduced: Tanami Road. In it we will have to meet several goals, such as “improve visitor satisfaction, adopt certain animals and increase the profits of the stores”, as described by the study in its profile for Steam. Its price on the Valve platform will be € 9.99.

Update 1.3 free same day

Its arrival coincides with update 1.3, available for free to all Planet Zoo players. On August 25, the entire game community will receive upgrades, such as animal color variants. In the exchange window we will get more information about what kind of colors count in scientific terms. For example, 6% of the jaguar population will be black jaguars.

The patch will include one of the functions most demanded by users: vending machines. They will serve as a cheap alternative to satisfy the needs of your visitors. Also included are many improvements in the quality of life, which you can find out through this link. The next sandbox mode map is added a limited scenario, located in Estonia. In it you will have to reach certain ranking ranges before time runs out.


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