‘Planet-hell’ has supersonic winds and lava rain


The artistic representation of the planet K2-141b on the NASA exoplanet website will need to be redone, in light of the study now published by scientists from McGill and York universities and more from the Indian Institute of Science Education: in this world, winds are supersonic and rain rocks over oceans of magma.

A more realistic picture of this world at 202 light years was achieved through computer simulations. K2-141b is a rocky exoplanet the size of Earth. Its proximity to the orbiting star makes it, on its surface, oceans of molten lava a hundred kilometers deep.

The analysis also revealed the extreme climate of the planet through the study of the lighting patterns of K2-141b, revealing that it is like our Moon: it has a perpetual night and day (two thirds of the planet are always illuminated). This is because K2-141b orbits very close to its star; just like the moon, he always shows her the same side.


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