Plane Accident in Pakistan: Plane Carrying 107 Passengers Fell on Settlement


The airline is regarded as one of the safest means of transportation. Unfortunately, plane crashes can occur from time to time. In December 2019, there was a plane accident in Kazakhstan, a passenger plane with 93 passengers and 5 crew members. This time, it was learned that a passenger plane crashed in Pakistan. The place where a plane crash happened in Pakistan is a settlement. Let’s look at the details together.

A plane carrying 107 passengers was reported to have crashed in Pakistan. The aircraft of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) was on the Lahore-Karachi flight.

Airbus A320 type aircraft has been confirmed by Pakistan International Airlines, which has 107 passengers in it.

It was reported that the passenger plane crashed into a residential area called Model Colony near Karachi Airport. The details of the incident have not been clarified yet.

The images of the plane crash in Pakistan were shared on social media. Health and fire crews are reported to have gone to the scene.


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