PlanB Announces: Second Signal to Take Bitcoin to $100K


PlanB Announces: Second Signal to Take Bitcoin to $100K. PlanB, one of the most famous commentators in the crypto money world, has made a new statement regarding the price of Bitcoin .

Renowned for its S2F (stock-flow) model developed exclusively for Bitcoin , PlanB thinks that the cryptocurrency market may be moving in the near term . PlanB said that based on the S2F model it developed, Bitcoin could reach up to 100 thousand dollars, and that the second bullish signal is now burning after the first one.

Red Dot Seen

PlanB recently announced that the first red spot in the S2F model, which it shared and posted on its social media account, was seen. This sharing of PlanB encouraged many crypto traders because it may mean that the price of Bitcoin will rise in the long run .

The famous analyst recently made a new statement and announced that the second red spot was also seen. If Bitcoin price really proceeds in accordance with the S2F model , we can see that the price has doubled in a few years . So much so PlanB thinks that the price of Bitcoin may be more than $ 100 thousand in the coming years.

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