Plan to end iPhone from Facebook’s boss


The Facebook team continues to work on augmented reality glasses. Mark Zuckerberg, who is the founder of one of the most famous social media platforms in the world, is building his new plans on iPhone.

This week, we were very excited about the information we obtained about PlayStation 5 with the special event organized by Apple. Zuckerberg, on the other hand, conveyed his statements, which made the final point this week, on YouTube via Marquees Brownlee.

Facebook will be assertive with augmented reality glasses

At the Brownlee and Zuckerberg meeting, it was discussed what Facebook would do about virtual and augmented reality technologies. Zuckerberg did not target Apple and the iPhone directly, but said that next-generation communication will not depend on phone screens and Facebook is doing its best to break this habit.

Referring to Facebook’s collaboration with Oculus, the 36-year-old entrepreneur claimed that this collaboration would be fatal. As it is known, Apple is also working on augmented reality glasses and these glasses will not work without an iPhone.

Mark Zuckerberg explained that he works to ensure that his augmented real glasses, which can be used like glasses, are powerful enough to bring any three-dimensional image (hologram) to the human eye without physical contact. If this project is successfully implemented, we will not need any physical objects and a virtual screen will welcome us.

Facebook artırılmış gerçeklik gözlüğü

Zuckerberg thinks that every 15 years, a new technology changes the world. According to him, the technology available is not the end of the road and a lot of innovations that have not yet been discovered are waiting for humanity.

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According to the successful entrepreneur, phones drive people away from the world, and they do it with just a small screen. Zuckerberg declared that virtual and augmented reality technology will save people from these screens and digital conversations can give the feel of physical conversations.

The Facebook team believes that screen-centric experiences are about to become obsolete. Zuckerberg; He claimed that phones, tablets and televisions cut people away from the world, but these glasses will connect people to life.

According to Zuckerberg, augmented reality glasses will be able to reflect both people and objects in real time. Thus, all human senses, including sound and touch, will come into play.

According to this scenario, we will not need phone screens. Expressing that he loves Samsung on every platform, the American computer programmer makes his employees use Android-based devices.

Zuckerberg claimed that he knew Apple and other companies were working on augmented reality-based devices, but that no company invested as much on behalf of this industry as Facebook. Do you think Facebook will be able to finish off the iPhone?


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