Plague Tale Could Win Remaster And Sequel At E3 2021


Plague Tale was a very good surprise launched by Asobo in 2019, which told the story of Amicia and her brother Hugo, persecuted by the Inquisition in a France taken by the Plague.

Reddit insider PraticalBrush12 has confirmed that A Plague Tale: Innocence will win a sequel called A Plague Tale: Requiem and will apparently be featured during E3 2021!

In addition, the other insider Deluxera corroborated, and even added that the first game will be remastered for new generation and could be on PlayStation Plus in July.


“I can tell from my own sources that A Plague Tale: Requiem is correct. The game will be aired on Xbox Showcase and will be the title of the Game Pass at launch. It will also be released on PlayStation and Switch (cloud). Arrives in 2022. Asobo will also unveil the next-gen remaster of the first game. If you own the PlayStation 5, don’t buy it as it will be included in July’s PS Plus,” Deluxera said.

Unfortunately, neither Microsoft nor Asobo have made any official announcements about the title, so the above information should be treated as rumours.

So, what did you think? Will we really see a remaster and sequel to A Plague Tale?


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