Places To Visit In Ukraine For Those Who Plan To Visit


Our main topic in this article is if you want to come to Ukraine as a tourist and if you want to see at least a few cities at the same time, you will have information on what to do.Places To Visit In Ukraine For Those Who Plan To Visit

Those who live in Ukraine or come to Ukraine often and who travel around the city already know what to do.

It should be borne in mind that Ukraine is a large country in terms of land width. It has a population of 42 million. Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine, is located in the center of the country and it is necessary to travel 500 kilometers from Kiev to other big cities. Therefore, it is necessary to specify the city rather than say that I will go to Ukraine. Regular flights are scheduled to Ukraine from Turkey’s major cities. It has become an important tourist destination among the Turks in the last few years as it has allowed entry without a visa and chip card in recent years.

This is also in Turkey there are many reasons to regulate tourism tour company in Ukraine. If you don’t want to deal with the details that will be mentioned soon, the easiest way is to take a tour of a reliable company. You can easily find these companies from the internet.

If I say that I can’t deal with ready tours, tour programs don’t suit me, I can handle my own business, let’s continue.

Of course, your schedule will change depending on how many days you want to take a tour and what you like. You will normally have to spend at least 5 days to visit Kiev as a tourist. However, it will not be easy to allocate that much time in a tour.

Ukraine’s three most important tourist attractions are Kiev, Lviv and Odessa. Kiev makes you feel the capital and Ukraine, Lviv is a cultural city with its gate to the west and Odessa is a port city with its warmth. You can see a different aspect of Ukraine in all three cities. Cities have both similar and very different atmospheres. If you have time, you can of course pass from these cities to other tourism centers in the immediate vicinity.

When you arrive by plane, it is recommended that you plan your route in Lviv-Kiev-Odessa or Odessa-Kiev-Lviv. This means that the city you are flying to and from which you will return should be different. Going back in the form of Lviv-Odessa will be a long way, additional costly and time consuming. Of course you can go back to Kiev. It all depends on your planning. You can use the train or bus between Lviv-Kiev and Kiev-Odessa. (Of course there are alternatives such as car rental, blablacar.) When you spend 2 days in Lviv, 3 days in Kiev and 2 days in Odessa, it is enough to see the city’s major tourist spots and breathe the air.

Before you arrive, you need to have a return flight ticket, and you need to arrange your accommodation with the transfers between cities.

Buying Train and Bus Tickets in Ukraine

When traveling between the two cities in Ukraine, we recommend the overnight train. In this way, you will be rested, as well as saving the cost of accommodation and using the time more efficiently. You can use to buy a train ticket in Ukraine. English language support and credit card payment is available. You must have a printout of your ticket or a picture of the document on the smartphone. First-class sleepers on trains in Ukraine are for 2 people and the price is more than 2 times higher than the second class. Therefore, you can use the second class compartment for 4 people. 3rd class is open and has a bed and is cheap; Seats are mostly in the form of high speed trains and although they are comfortable, they generally operate during daytime and afternoon times.

For bus tickets, you can buy the bus companies’ own web sites or bus tickets that sell them on many sites such as uticket, busfor, tickets, infobus.

Please note that; It is not easy to find tickets for trains and buses, especially during the holiday periods of Ukraine. Odessa in the summer, Lviv in the winter, during the holidays of Ukraine, especially in all directions can be difficult to find train tickets. In such cases and you can always refer to applications such as blablacar.

Accommodation in Ukraine

Ukraine is not a tourist country like other big ones. Even though there has been an increase in the flow of tourists in recent years, even if there are developments related to this, inadequacies in the infrastructure for tourism are felt clearly. If you don’t keep the expectations too high, you can enjoy them.

Daily home rentals are common practice in accommodation preferences. The biggest issue here is meeting the landlords. There may be problems with the arrival times of the city and the agreement with the landlords. If you are going to rent a house daily, sites like airbnb, booking for hotel accommodation can be used. Obviously, if you are on a tour, choosing hotels and hostels will help you. In addition, since the cities in question are not as big as Istanbul, it is not far from the center of the city.

Urban Transportation

You can use alternatives such as metro, tram, bus, minibus in the city. Odessa and Lviv, depending on your accommodation, you may need, but mostly walk is enough. Sights are generally gathered at central points. You may need to use public transport because Kiev is much larger and the sights are scattered. If you need, it is recommended to call a taxi with the applications you will use on the phone for transfers between the airport and the city.

Map application on the phone makes your life easier

In Ukraine there is no restriction on the purchase of mobile phone lines and is not expensive. You can get the ID without even showing. Therefore, as soon as you enter the country, we recommend that you get a line with ready internet and speech package. It is best to activate them while you are there.


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