Pixel camera bugs are hardware problems


The Google Camera app, installed by default on Pixel smartphones, has been the target, since last year, of a veritable avalanche of criticisms with a star rating on the Play Store. Google and external help forums have also raised complaints that prompted the Moutain View giant to release a series of software fixes.

However, part of the problems still persists: many users are unable to use the rear camera, with reports of crashes constant in the application. Others receive the cumbersome “black screens” during loading, which culminate in a pop-up stating “Something went wrong” and a request to close and open Google Camera.

Calling the problem “known curse of the Pixel camera”, Android Police questioned Google, which in turn ensured that it is unaware of any software problems related to the events, suggesting that the increase in complaints concerns hardware failures.

Pixel user complaints

According to the website, the problem occurs consistently or the camera may even work for brief periods. The fact is that, in addition to affecting the original Google Camera app, it also occurs in some third-party applications when running on the affected devices, such as Snapchat and even the Google Duo.

With the intensification of occurrences, without an answer or solution, the Google Camera app’s rating on the Play Store itself dropped to 3.3 stars, which does not necessarily mean that the score is due to the issue of the failures that occurred.

Today most complaints come from users of the Pixel 2 smartphone, but, according to Android Police, there are also growing complaints from the owners of Pixel 3, 3a and even Pixel 4. Although it can be argued that the problems in Pixel 2 are due to the “age” of the device, this does not explain the set of problems addressed in the complaints.


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