Pixel 6 series comes with a new generation Wi-Fi surprise!


Pixel 6 series, which will be Google’s next-generation flagship, this time appeared on the certification site FCC.


The Pixel 6 series is one of the most anticipated smartphones this year. The fact that this series will come with a big processor surprise, apart from being Google’s new flagship, doubles our excitement. The Pixel 6 series, whose details we closely follow, has been displayed in the FCC’s internet database.

Smartphones may appear on certification sites before they are released. The information on these sites provides information to consumers and businesses. Although information is usually given about connection technologies, thanks to these sites, we can learn what stage the phones are at.

Pixel 6 series comes with Wi-Fi 6E technology

The information appearing on the FCC’s website doesn’t offer much more than we know so far. The only new feature we learned with the resulting certificate was the Wi-Fi 6E technology. Wi-Fi 6E, which started to enter our lives in 2020, although it is called a small development, actually achieves a lot compared to Wi-Fi 6. This technology, which allows to use the 6GHz frequency, also provides backward compatibility. Thus, incompatibility problems are largely eliminated.

Along with these details, we learn from the FCC report that the Pixel 6 Pro supports mmWave 5G technology. In addition, the Pixel 6 Pro also supports the Wi-Fi 6E standard.

With the Pixel 6 series, we will see Tensor processors instead of Snapdragon processors that we are used to seeing before. Tensor processors are designed by Google, which makes it possible to offer a more stable system experience. It was said that the introduction of the device will be made a day before the iPhone 13, but this claim did not hold. That’s why we’re looking forward to the actual date.


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