Pixel 5a will have limited release due to chip shortages


Pixel 5a will have a limited release due to the global chip shortage. In a note, Google denied the recent rumors that the intermediary smartphone was canceled.

“The Pixel 5a 5G has not been canceled. It will be available later this year in the United States and Japan. As well, it will be announced according to the date that last year’s series A phone was launched, “revealed the company spokesman.

Google acknowledged that global supply chain problems limited the availability of the new device. On the other hand, the company announced for the first time that the device will come with 5G connectivity.

Following the brand information, the Pixel 4a was announced in August 2020 and immediately went on sale. However, the successor can still be officially revealed during the I / 0 2021 event that will be held in May.

Despite limited initial availability, it is possible that Google will launch the Pixel 5a in more countries. For example, the Baby Blue edition of Pixel 4a launched in November 2020 – three months after the Just Black version debuted.

The problem of chip shortages

The semiconductor crisis is affecting several technology companies. For example, Apple had to postpone production of iPads and MacBooks, while Samsung already sees problems in the supply chain in the coming months.

In the world of video games, Sony is struggling to supply the PlayStation 5’s production due to the lack of components for the console. On the other hand, rival Microsoft faces the same adversity to manufacture the Xbox Series X.

The chip shortage also extends to the automotive industry. Automakers like Ford and General Motors were forced to reduce the manufacturing of several models because they did not have enough parts.


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