Pixel 5 Display Panel Said to Separate from Main Body


Users who bought the Pixel 5, which was introduced in the past weeks, started to report on Google support forums that the display panel of the device was separated from the main body. Google has not made a statement on the subject yet.

US-based search giant Google has also started to appear in the smartphone industry in recent years. The company, which has gained a good momentum with Pixel branded smartphones, has recently introduced its new flagship phone Pixel 5. Although it has only been a few weeks since the promotion, serious complaints about the phone have started.

Users who bought the Google Pixel 5 have started reporting on the Google Pixel product forums that the display panel is separated from the main body of the phone. Users think that this gap between the screen and the body can allow dust and water to penetrate the phone. Google released the Pixel 5 with IP68 certification, which claims to be water resistant up to 1.5 meters.

Users started sharing Pixel 5 photos with the screen detaching from the body:

As you can see in this image shared by a user on Google’s support forums, there is a noticeable separation between the body of the device and the display panel. This means that users should think twice before putting their device in a wet place.

Considering that the Pixel 5 was only released a few weeks ago, this issue seems to be more related to the factory release of the phone rather than a bug that can occur with extended use. It should be noted that although there are not many complaints at the moment, the phone has just been introduced and the problem may be quite common in the future.

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