Pixel 5 Concept Design That Makes You Worry About It


A trusted source shared one of the most realistic concept designs based on Pixel 5 leaks. However, the shared Pixel 5 design shows that Google will reveal a design that does not suit today’s flagships.

Although Google’s Pixel series smartphones are not among the most popular devices in the world in terms of sales, they are the only smartphone series that show the real performance of Android. For this reason, it is closely monitored what Pixel models will offer to consumers, although they do not sell as much as their competitors.

Google usually unveils its new Pixel models in October, so this is the right time to get minor leaks and listen to rumors about the Pixel 5. Rumors are that Google is not going to make a major innovation in the design of the Pixel 5 compared to the Pixel 4. Therefore, we already have more or less ideas about Pixel 5’s design.

Pixel 5 concept design

Steve H. McFly (OnLeaks), who previously shared the designs of many smartphone models months before the introduction, now shared the concept design showing the Pixel 5 from top to bottom and gave information about the physical features of the device. Accordingly, Pixel 5 will be the largest Pixel model ever introduced. Unless we count the XL models …

The thickness of Pixel 5, which will be 144.7 x 70.4 x 8.1 mm, will reach 8.5 mm on the protrusion of the camera module. The camera module will have a square design like the Pixel 4, but this time there will be 3 camera sensors instead of 2. It is not yet known what features the cameras will have.

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We said that Pixel 5 will be the biggest Pixel model ever. According to Steve H. McFly, the Pixel 5 will have a 5.8-inch screen. The device, which will also have a camera hole placed in the upper left corner of the screen, has to return to the physical fingerprint scanner as it cannot offer biometric facial recognition. Of course, let’s not forget that Google has an embedded fingerprint scanner option in front of the screen.

Pixel 5’s concept design video


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