Pixel 4a box leaks and confirms Google phone design


The Pixel 4a, Google’s next launch in the intermediary cellphone market, had the box leaked on social networks. Two images of an alleged stock of the device were published in a community of Pixel fans on Facebook and posted on the Techdroider website.

The images do not show many details and the protective plastic of the packaging impairs visibility, but it is already possible to draw some conclusions. For starters, the look doesn’t seem to have changed much from the company’s traditional mobile device design. In addition, the model will have a square rear module equal to the conventional Pixel 4, but only a camera in addition to the LED flash. Speculation and leaks already pointed to the single sensor, which will be 12 MP.
Check out the photos below:

One of the felt absences is that of the biometric reader, which would apparently be positioned at the rear of the device. It is possible that this has changed in relation to the previously leaked schemes.

In addition, the image shows only the device in black, with the main button in white – a traditional twist on the design of the Google device family. Normally, the Pixel line models have a blank variant and a third version with a more striking tone, something that cannot be confirmed for this generation with just these photos.

And the launch?
For now, there is no release forecast for the Pixel 4a. Previous models – Pixel 3a and 3a XL – were announced in early May last year, during Google I / O 2019. However, the 2020 edition of the event has been canceled and will not have online transmissions due to the new coronavirus pandemic. .

Because the initial stock is apparently ready, the expectation is that the launch will still happen in this period. Initial rumors indicated the presence of a Pixel 4a XL variant, but later information already claims that it should not exist.


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