Pixar’s ‘Soul’ debuts on Disney + today


This Friday (25th) of Christmas, the animation Soul, from Pixar, debuts on Disney +. The first animation of the studio with a black protagonist takes the proposal of diversity beyond the characters, since, in the original version, they are voiced by black actors, a Cherokee Indian, a Maori and a Latin – the Brazilian Alice Braga.

Under the direction of Pete Docter (Divertida Mente) and Kemp Powers (screenwriter for Star Trek: Discovery), Soul tells the story of Joe Gardner, a musician who, after losing his desire to play jazz, suffers an accident and is transported out of your body.

While leaving for paradise, Joe realizes that he still had things to do in life, and on the way to try to return to Earth, he will help a young soul to find its own identity.

In the original version, the voice of the character Joe Gardner is represented by the actor Jamie Foxx, while the dubbed version is played by Jorge Lucas. The singer Luciana Mello is also part of the team responsible for bringing Brazilian voices to the national version of the feature.


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