Pixar’s Ralph Eggleston, known for his work on Toy Story and Monster Corporation, has died at the age of 56


Pixar’s revolution in the world of computer animation cannot be underestimated, as the rampant success of films like Toy Story has forever changed the way we see animated entertainment. It is thanks to the efforts of people like Ralph Eggleston that the studio has received such a cult legacy, which continues in the releases of films in 2022, such as Disney/Pixar’s Lightyear. Unfortunately, today the world remembers this fact in a bittersweet context, as it was reported that Eggleston died at the age of 56.

This news came from a “corporate-wide message” that The Pixar Post found out about, and a man who worked on films such as Toy Story and Monster Corporation reported that he died last Sunday. This sad news came after many years of Eggleston’s struggle with pancreatic cancer, the confirmation of which caused a response from many of Ralph Eggleston’s colleagues.

Ralph Eggleston’s latest announced film is related to his work on the Oscar-winning Disney/Pixar film Soul, in which he worked as an artist-developer of the 2020 film. Confirming his demise in his official tweet, Pixar’s Twitter account shared the following tribute:

In memory of Ralph Eggleston — animator, director, art director, storyboard artist, screenwriter, production designer and our dear friend. Pixar and the world will be forever grateful. ❤

We at CinemaBlend express our deepest condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of Ralph Eggleston. May they be comforted by his memory, going through this difficult time of grief.

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