Pixar’s New Animated Movie Soul’s Trailer Released


Pixar is releasing its second animated movie after Onward this year. Soul will be the second Pixar movie of 2020 after Onward. The trailer of Soul, which will be released in the coming months, has been released.

Pixar will be presenting to the audience this year with two animated films. Pixar’s first film in 2020 was Onward. After Onward, which was released in the past days, the trailer of the animated movie Soul, inspired by jazz music, has been released today. Soul was also the third Disney movie to be released after Black Widow and Jungle Cruise.

In Soul, we will follow the adventure of a teacher who dreams of becoming a jazz musician voiced by Jamie Foxx. Joe gets into an accident after catching the first opportunity to become a jazz musician. The spirit of Joe, who had an accident, is sent to an area called You Seminar. After this point, we will watch Joe’s struggle to return to the world with 22, played by Tina Fey.

Mike Jones and Kemp Powers co-wrote the screenplay for Pixar’s fun animated movie Soul. Famous musician Jon Batiste took the responsibility of Soul’s music. Pete Docker is on the film’s director’s chair.

“We talked to people for a while representing religious traditions and cultural traditions, and asked what the soul is,” said Pete Docker, director of the film. They all said it was something “smoky”, “spiritual” and non-physical. We thought about how we could do this. It was a big challenge. But I must say that the team really brought together things that are reflections of these words but also familiar. ”

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The animated film Soul, which is inspired by jazz music and we will listen to music, will be released on June 19. We can definitely see that Soul will be fun.

Soul trailer:


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