Pixar unveiled the best villainous twist in Lightyear 2 22 years ago


Warning: Contains spoilers for Lightyear.

The turn of the villain Lightyear has the perfect foundation for a potential Lightyear 2, but Pixar already made that turn 22 years ago in Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. At the beginning of Lightyear’s marketing, it was clear that the version of Zurg Lightyear would be very different from how he was portrayed in older media such as Toy Story 2 or Star Team. However, as it turns out, Star Command could be the basis for what this version of Zurg is like, and even gives an idea of what a potential sequel could do.

While Lightyear was positioned as the definitive origin story of Buzz Lightyear, for the first time, the character who played the main role in the Toy Story spin-off was actually in the Buzz Lightyear animated series from Star Command. The cartoon was released from 2000 to 2001 and greatly expanded the little of Buzz Lightyear’s knowledge that was in Pixar’s Toy Story, but even before Lightyear was released, the cartoon was clearly non-canonical for the Toy Story franchise, and it is not even available for publication. it is considered legally; According to director Angus McLane (via Twitter), at best Star Command can be considered a Lightyear spin-off in the universe. Star Command director Ted Stones believes that former Pixar chief creative officer John Lasseter’s disdain for Star Command was one of the reasons he received so little recognition (via YouTube), but there was never a definitive answer, and anyway Lightyear has now established Buzz’s Canonical story.

Although Lightyear is not related to Buzz Lightyear from Star Command, his version of Zurg still copies one of the best villains. In a major twist, the character of Zurg Lightyear from Disney Pixar turns out to be an older version of Buzz Lightyear from an alternate timeline, and this makes him closer to a similar villain from Star Command, aptly named the Evil Buzz Lightyear. Not only is this an interesting twist for both characters, but considering what the Evil Buzz Lightyear did in his debut, and what Lightyear created with Zurg, the twist also works to give a perfect idea of what a potential Lightyear 2 could do for his plot.

Buzz Lightyear from Star Command explained the Evil Buzz Lightyear

As the name suggests, Buzz Lightyear from Evil Buzz Lightyear from Star Command is an evil version of Buzz Lightyear. While Lightyear’s Zurg is just an older version of Chris Evans’ Buzz Lightyear from an alternate timeline, the Evil Buzz Lightyear comes from another universe where he rules the galaxy with an iron fist and killed or imprisoned everyone who stood in his way. As Buzz’s alternate self, he was a perfect match for Buzz in both brains and brawn, and in the largely lighthearted series, he stood out as a character who always made the story quite grim when he appeared. The last appearance of the Evil Buzz Lightyear in Star Command was in the episode “Sunshake”, where after Buzz and Mira Nova thwarted his and Gravitina’s plan to create solar earthquakes and destroy Star Command and Capital Planet, he used a rocket engine to fly away from the sun, while everyone thought he was dead.

How Lightyear created another Zurg

While the specifics are different, Zurg Lightyear can be seen as a new take on the Evil Buzz Lightyear from Buzz Lightyear from Star Command, and this, in addition to various other factors, works to establish the existence of another Zurg. When the elder Buzz reveals his identity and history to Buzz, he explains that he received his suit and other technologies when he traveled to the future, but does not specify from whom he received them. This may mean that the elder Buzz got his technology from the real Zurg, who, according to the version of Lightyear’s knowledge, will now exist hundreds of years in the future when the action of the film takes place. Assuming that this is the case, it would even serve as a justification for all the changes made to the character of Zurg, because there would be a chance that someone more in line with the character of the original Emperor Zurg would eventually appear.

Who could be the villain in Lightyear 2?

The ending of Lightyear does a lot to create a possible Light Year 2 and even gives a few ideas about who will be the villain. The final scene after the credits of the film shows that Zurg is still alive after apparently being killed in the climax, so it will be easy enough for him to return in a potential sequel wanting revenge on Buzz. If this happened, it could even serve as the beginning of the antagonistic relationship that they demonstrate in other media.

Another option for a potential villain in the sequel is the real Emperor Zurg, from whom the elder Buzz borrowed his technology, and the ending of “Lightyear” even works to frame him. At the end of the movie, Buzz and his team go to investigate something in the Gamma Quadrant of Sector 4, where Buzz fought Emperor Zurg at the beginning of Toy Story 2.