Pixar “Onward” available in digital format


Pixar’s recent film “Onward” is officially available to buy now in digital format. The move to make the latest Disney movie available for viewing at home occurred today, which surprised many fans.

But, the complications of COVID-19 have forced the company’s hand on this action. The entire entertainment landscape has begun to change and Disney is trying to recoup losses in any way possible.

The launch of Onward’s digital download comes after Disney decided to let “Frozen 2” hit Disney + earlier. The company also chose to release “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” for digital download as well. ”

Looking at most of the bigger studios, this is becoming a recurring tactic for many of the great recent movies that were in theaters when they started closing across the country.

“Sonic The Hedgehog” will also be available for digital download soon as well. This seems to be the beginning of the “summer of the stream”.


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