Pix should gain momentum in retail after Christmas


Very popular in transfers between individuals, we can already say that Pix has been gaining space in the daily lives of Brazilians. According to a balance sheet released by the Central Bank (BC), 84% of transactions with the new instant payment system are between individuals. Another relevant data from this adhesion shows that, between December 9th to 15th, the method alone accounted for more than 30% of all interbank transfers.

Payments from individuals to companies represent only 6% of operations, according to the BC’s balance sheet. Linx, a specialist in retail technology, believes that the use of payment methods for purchases is still going through an implementation phase and should gain strength in the weeks after Christmas.

For Gustavo Ioriatti, commercial director of Linx Pay Hub, the retailer needs to adapt to Pix, since the consumer has approved the new solution and is willing to use it.

“People have shown an interest in this new form of payment that is easier, faster and, of course, secure. Therefore, the retailer needs to implement the solution for his trade and have a technological partner to help him”

Ioriatti further states that retailers stand to gain from the adoption of Pix. The novelty, in addition to being a competitive differential at first, is cheaper than the current options. “Receipt rates are lower than the options available today,” said the Linx spokesman.

For year-end purchases, Ioriatti says retailers prioritized sales, delaying the integration of Pix, which could take time. “In addition to adding another process to the point of sale, most of them left it at that first moment, focusing on ensuring sales with what they have in hand and then adopting the functionality”.

Why the delay

For the director, other points that delayed the adoption of the solution for the date were the buyers’ delay in pricing the transaction cost and the retailer’s difficulty in confirming the payment of the purchase, largely due to the lack of an adequate solution.

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“The fear of being hit or being cheated is present and, in that first moment, scares the trader”

“But, there are already solutions on the market that address these points and reconcile Pix with other forms of payment. Consumer habits have changed with the pandemic, and this is a transformation that is here to stay”, he points out.

With these barriers, large and small retailers preferred not to focus their efforts on Pix at this first moment, which is reflected in the 30% of Brazilians who do not know that the method can be used to make purchases, according to a survey by the Market Intelligence area of Globe. “In the first quarter of 2021, this scenario is likely to change with the large-scale adoption of Pix, making disclosures more present, with retailers also taking on the role of educating consumers in their use,” says Ioriatti.

For the next year, the expectation is of the best for Pix in the trade. After Black Friday, Christmas, the most important dates to sell, and therefore those that demand the most time from traders, there should be time to breathe and think about adopting the tool. The intense digitalization caused by the pandemic also makes traders and consumers susceptible to the solution.

“Pix is ​​already a reality, the scenario is given. The next step for retailers is to implement the payment method, mainly with the help of Linx technology solutions, ensuring the best experience for customers”, he concludes.


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