Pix scam: Nubank denies bug in Superdigital


Nubank is one of the most advanced fintechs in the use of Pix, providing integration with the digital platform for entrepreneurs in advance. However, the company is now warning users of a scam involving Pix and Santander’s Superdigital, where many users have lost money trying to become millionaires due to a supposed bug on the platform.

The rumor about the bug on Pix spread quickly on the internet. It mentioned that any amount transferred to a Pix random key would be returned to the user twice. One of the images shows a Superdigital account with almost R $ 2.5 million to draw the attention of possible victims.

The post with the scam still said that the bug only worked on certain random Pix keys. A video also showed a transaction where a user transferred R $ 2 thousand and received R $ 4 thousand back in the application, as you can see in the prints below


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