Pix presents problems for users of Caixa and Caixa Tem


The Pix instant payments service was unavailable to some Caixa users on Monday (15). According to reports by clients of the institution, the tool has flaws in bank transfers and also in the Caixa Tem application.

The problems started in the morning, starting at 9 am, according to reports published on the website DownDetector. When the affected customer tries to send money to another account through Caixa, the transaction appears “in process”.

The procedure is also not finalized when the money is transferred from another bank. In the worst case scenario, the customer even has the money deducted from the account, but the amount is not sent to the contact and does not appear on the statement.

System update

Caixa said it is already aware of the flaws in Pix. According to the institution, a solution to the problems was launched in the early afternoon of Monday (15). However, some users are still unable to use the free, instant transfer tool.

According to the bank, the flaws in Pix were caused by an update to the system, which aims to bring improvements to the technology. Caixa did not provide further information on the matter.

It is worth remembering that this is not the only recent failure of the instant payment service. Last week, the tool stopped working at several banks.

Pix was released in November 2020 and became a success in its debut: on the first day of operation, the tool moved around $ 777 million. Even with the public’s rapid adhesion, the service still suffers from failures, ranging from eventual falls to banks transferring money improperly.


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