PIX outperforms TEDs and DOCs; functions arrive in 2021


The Central Bank of Brazil (BC) released new information regarding the implementation of Pix in the country. According to Exame, the instant payment method, which debuted in November 2020, is considered a success by the government.

According to the director of the BC responsible for the sector, João Manoel Pinho de Mello, the adoption of the modality surpassed all the expectations of the institution and in fact became an alternative for transfers. In January 2021, the number and movements of Pix already exceeded the sum of TEDs and DOCs carried out in the same period.

Come here

The statement took place at the Pix Forum, a virtual event that brought together representatives of institutions and consumers, where the director also commented on news that will be implemented in the system later this year, such as transactions with Pix in salary accounts and better integration of bank and banking applications. fintechs with the user’s address book, accelerating transfers to people close to them.

In addition, a return option in the event of fraud or operational failure will also be implemented for service providers.

Gradual adoption

Despite the BC celebrations, data from the Brazilian Association of Bars and Restaurants (Abrasel) indicate that Pix’s path is still long in the sector. According to the organization, 38% of bars and restaurants have not yet registered with the system to offer this form of payment.

“Difficulty integrating”, “fees charged by unattractive banks” and “fear of fraud and scams” were the options most often listed by business owners.


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