PIX forces banks to migrate to the cloud


A new step forward in digitalization, the launch of PIX is proving to be a challenge for large financial institutions.

The instant payment method recently launched by the Central Bank requires that from now on cloud technology will be present more strongly among banks in Brazil. According to the multinational Claranet CorpFlex, this is a great opening towards disruption in a market so traditional and conservative, that many times saw this type of technology with suspicion and prejudice.

Cloud computing arrives to support the technological stability that PIX registrations require. “The launch of the new payment method is already the second great indication this year, after the pandemic, that the cloud optimizes the performance of commercial transactions and offers security so that confidential information is not leaked. “, comments Diogo Santos, technology director at Claranet CorpFlex.

Last year, a Bank of England survey estimated that only 25% of the activities of major global banks were adapted in the cloud.

However, the reality is not the same for the so-called digital banks, which were born in the cloud and have as target audience the infinity of hyperconnected young people spread around the world. An example of this is the jump in Next’s customers, owned by Bradesco. The institution had 500,000 customers at the end of 2018 and plans to close 2020 with 3.5 million users.

Following the same path, the exchange bank Travelex Bank, also with a cloud system, is optimistic with the arrival of the PIX. “The foreign exchange market will also experience its own revolution, not only will the financial settlement take place on the spot, but the transfer of values ​​may also take place minutes after settlement. The new instant payment system shows that it is possible to make secure and instant transactions in the cloud “explains João Campanelli, COO of Travelex Bank.

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