PIX can now be used to pay eSocial guide


A novelty that could benefit almost 6 million domestic employers across the country was announced by the Central Bank. From now on, the Simple Household Collection Document Guide (DAE) can be paid through PIX, an instant transaction system in operation in Brazil since November this year, using the QR Code.

Franciana Soares Barbosa Duarte, business manager of the Collection Solutions Division of the Federal Data Processing Service (Serpro), the entity responsible for implementing the resource, indicates the advantage of the initiative: “The payment will be identified on the same day in eSocial and in systems that control federal revenue. ”

The Federal Revenue of Brazil and the Ministry of Economy’s Secretariat for Labor Inspection are also involved in the action, which seeks to reduce bureaucracy and facilitate compliance with tax obligations.

“This is a major evolution in the management of the payroll of domestic employees, since, until then, the payment of the DAE could only be made on working days, which required the advance payment of the slips due at the end weekends and holidays “, adds Duarte.

Simplifying processes

João Paulo Ferreira Machado, general coordinator of Digital Labor Government of the Ministry of Economy, explains that the action has arrived to complement technological improvements in the Digital Bookkeeping System for Social Security and Labor Tax Obligations (eSocial), in addition to simplifying the experience of users who depend the platform. “We delivered the simplified eSocial layout; we made eSocial Download available; we created an application for the domestic employer, among several other news,” he points out.

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To issue the document, the employer must access the system or use the application available on the App Store and Google Play. A QR Code will be generated automatically, and the process will only require the single login of gov.br as of 2021, since the system will be fully integrated into the domain. Digital certificate in the cloud or access code are other possibilities of use.

Diego Matos de São Joaquim, leader of the development team responsible for the evolution in eSocial, celebrates: “This evolution in the solution represents a milestone in the authentication process on the eSocial portal and an important step towards the unified access control of the federal government.” Finally, he defends: “The Gov.Br Access works as a qualification process for reliability seals, which raises the status of your accounts to the status of ‘proven’, bringing greater security to the process.”


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