PIX can become a ‘Digital Identity’, says BC president


The president of the Central Bank of Brazil, Roberto Campos Neto, said on Wednesday (24), during the virtual event Bank of International Settlements, that the PIX system, a Brazilian electronic payment method, could evolve in the future to become an identity of citizens.

Speaking in a context of technological innovations, the head of the country’s largest monetary authority stated: “We think that the key used in PIX can be developed into a digital identity in the future. Everything in your daily life will be connected to PIX” .

As easy to use as WhatsApp

To support his expectations, Campos Neto recalled that the data show that 7% of the Brazilian population has already used the PIX, although the tool has only been available for just over three months. The forecast is part of a BC strategy to expand the services offered by the government on the digital platform, such as payment of taxes and public services, which are now available on the PIX.

The president of the bank of the banks made a point of highlighting that, this week, the payment service gained the functionality of reading the information in the phone book, upon the user’s authorization, which makes using the PIX “so easy”, according to Campos Neto , when communicating via WhatsApp.

Such progress has only become possible, says Campos Neto, due to the convergence between text messages, which people use to communicate, and content, which drives the development of payment instruments. For him, “after the PIX, many new business models are being born”.


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