PIX: banks will not be able to apply transaction limits


The Central Bank confirmed on Thursday (18) some changes and the arrival of new functions of Pix, the instant digital payment system that debuted in Brazil in November 2020.

Financial institutions are now prohibited from “setting limits on the number of Pix transactions”, both for sending and in the case of receipts. Pix Cobrança, according to a news report released earlier this week, remains postponed.

In addition, the BC has also formalized the possibility of integrating the applications of financial institutions that provide Pix with the users’ contact list. In this way, it is possible to speed up transfers for those you already know or have added to your phone’s contact list – if she has registered the number as the Pix key.

Each platform will have to develop its own solution to join the databases, and some banks even already had some way of doing this integration.

In addition, the Central Bank announced that name changes will no longer result in the end of a registered key. In other words, companies that change their name, newlyweds or people with a social name can simply request a registration change without changing the code.

The news were approved by the institution’s Collegiate Board and are listed in BCB Resolution nº79, which can be checked on the Central Bank’s website.

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