PIX allows payments with 100% of TED


The Central Bank today released (1) an increase in the payment limit of PIX, a free bank transfer system launched last year. From now on, it is possible to carry out transactions with 100% of the value of TED or purchases on the debit card, twice the capacity previously practiced.

With the increase of the limit, users can make transfers with higher values, but the exact number is variable. Financial institutions set the payment ceiling with the PIX, which can change according to the bank’s rules, the customer’s relationship with the system and the time of the transaction.

To find out the new maximum amount you can transfer, it is necessary to contact your bank or check your internet banking application, which can provide the information. Some institutions also disclose the amounts on their website, such as Caixa, which offered a maximum ceiling of R $ 5,000 and has not yet updated the limit table.

The increase in value for transfers via PIX is part of the Central Bank’s planning for the tool in 2021. With the change, the trend is that the free system launched last year will gain even more strength to replace TED and DOC, as well as payments with boleto and even cash.

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