PitchYaGame Awards for November 2021: Here Are All The Winners


PitchYaGame: It is a program based on the fleeting presentation of independent video games, which rewards its winners with different financial aid. The PitchYaGame initiative is most peculiar. It is a congregation of independent developers who must advertise their projects in a very different way from what we usually see among large companies: they have 12 hours and the space for the announcement is limited to a tweet. Just as it sounds. Of course, the candidates are put to a vote from which the most promising games come out. It takes place twice a year, and we already know all the winners for November 2021. You can see the event and material of the chosen titles on That Thom Clancy’s Twitch channel.

PitchYaGame November 2021 – All Winners

Next, we leave you the complete list. The 4 chosen have obtained financial prizes that will serve as a boost to the development of their projects.

FREERIDE The Personality Test – Probably the most ambitious project on this list. It is an RPG set in a spiritual world, in which there is no lack of psychic powers or the possibility of doing both good and evil. The game does not have a release date yet, but you can now add it to your favorites on Steam.
Demon Spore: According to the Steam page, Demon Spore will arrive sometime in 2022. Making our way through “a hell of tentacles” caused by a mysterious experiment in a laboratory is the main mission of this monster-inspired roguelite proposal from the 80s.
Kulebra and the Souls of Limbo: You can try it completely free on Steam. It is a very colorful two-dimensional adventure, with a cycle of day and night, secondary missions and an endless number of characters to interact with. The title has positive ratings in the Valve store.
Fisher’s Isle: The protagonist is a plastic doll trapped inside a child’s toy box. Although finding a way to escape is the main objective, the official synopsis of the title suggests that we can explore and make friends in a different way than usual.