PIS 2022: Learn How To Check The allowance By Cell Phone


Payments for PIS/Pasep allowances are about to start being made. On February 8, payments begin for workers in private companies and, on February 15, for public servants. Benefits can be withdrawn until December 29th.

What many workers do not know is that they can very easily consult the amounts they are entitled to through their smartphone. In this text, we explain the step by step if you want to check if you are entitled to the benefit and what is the amount you will receive.

What are PIS and Pasep?

PIS and Pasep are two government programs that promote worker integration in the development of public and private companies. Both contributions are paid by private companies and are intended to finance benefits for the worker himself – which, in the long run, means improvements in the distribution of national income.

The two programs are different. The PIS is the acronym for Social Integration Program, and it is administered by Caixa Econômica Federal. It is aimed at workers in the private sector.

Pasep – an acronym for Public Servant Asset Formation Program – is, as the name says, aimed at public sector workers. Unlike PIS, this program is administered by Banco do Brasil.