Pirates of the Caribbean: Why Davy Jones Killed the Kraken (How)


In the third part of Pirates of the Caribbean, At the End of the World, many long-standing mysteries of the series are revealed, but why did Davy Jones kill his Kraken, the deadliest beast in Pirates of the Caribbean? Although the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie was adored by both viewers and critics, by the third release of the franchise, the series had become too confusing and complicated for fans. “At the End of the World” is not the worst film in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, as it managed to answer some of the questions left by its predecessors, but the 2007 film was still oversaturated with too many villains and double crosses, and the overambitious sequel contained too many too many meaningless storylines.

For example, among all his knowledge and mythology, “At the End of the World” did not clearly explain the cause of death of the most terrible antagonist of the second film, Kraken. The Kraken is found dead and washed ashore by former rivals and now restless accomplices Captain Jack Sparrow and Barbossa in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: At the End of the World, but how did the legendary leviathan end up there and what made his master Davy Jones kill him?

The reason why Davy Jones with the octopus face killed his pet and the greatest weapon in the control of the open sea is that he was forced by a new trainer. Cutler Beckett is the real villain of the original trilogy, a representative of East India Trading, obsessed with putting an end to the era of piracy. Beckett later notes that he ordered Jones killed his “pet”, proving that he ordered Jones to disable the Kraken for both strategic and symbolic purposes. This is an important moment not only for Beckett and Jones, but also for the entire franchise, since the death of Kraken in Pirates of the Caribbean means the end of Jones’ reign and, accordingly, the world of piracy.

How did the Kraken die? The film never showed this

The film deprives the audience of the poignant moment when Jones executed the command, instead moving on to an already dead body. Such an overly saturated narrative deprives the moment of emotional impact, which is a recurring mistake in the Pirates of the Caribbean films. Viewers can’t be sure if Jones simply ordered the beast to go to the beach or if he really had to do the dirty work of killing the creature himself, since the fate of the Kraken in Pirates of the Caribbean remains behind the scenes. Judging by a brief glance at his carcass, the Kraken died by throwing himself ashore, since the corpse was not decapitated or feathered when the heroes stumbled upon him.

The sight of Jones’ dead pet marks the end of an era for the staunch adherents of Pirates of the Caribbean Jack and Barbossa, who in their brief exchange of opinions next to the body admit that their lifestyle is coming to an end. This is an elegiac moment, because while Jones’ decision to get rid of his precious Kraken is an obvious strategic flaw, it is also a metaphorical admission of defeat and concession to the East India Trading Company. Not only will Jones never be able to use the monster against Beckett the way he used it to (temporarily) kill Jack Sparrow, he now works for the company, and the time of depraved lawlessness is coming to an end.

Did Davy Jones really care about the Kraken?

The death of the Kraken in Pirates of the Caribbean: At the End of the World is a poignant moment because of its metaphorical meaning, but it is also possible that Davy Jones would sincerely mourn the Kraken if he lovingly thought of him as a pet. However, there is insufficient evidence that Jones felt such affection for the beast. He is touched by his death, but it may have more to do with his despair about the end of the era of piracy than with true feelings. However, such a long association with the Kraken could also fuel a deep personal attachment to Jones. Anyway, the Kraken is still one of the most iconic creatures in Pirates of the Caribbean, and its loss was significant, despite the fact that it occurred off-screen.


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