Pirates of the Caribbean Brought Back the Wrong Davy Jones Story


The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise never knew what to do with Bill Nighy’s Davy Jones, as evidenced by the film Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales, reviving the least interesting element of his story. Although many reviews of the sequels of Pirates of the Caribbean accuse Johnny Depp in the role of Jack Sparrow of reducing the impact of the series, such a generalization of the franchise is far from fair. Although the fact that Depp was nominated for an Oscar for the first film “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Razzie” for the latest sequel is convincing evidence, the alleged transfer of the role of Jack Sparrow has never been the main problem of the franchise.

Instead, Pirates of the Caribbean was having difficulties because the franchise repeatedly dropped interesting, attractive characters to focus on Depp’s Sparrow and his misadventures. What made Jack Sparrow so attractive in the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie was that he was a scene stealer, not the main character. However, when Davy Jones, played by Bill Nighy, proved to be an equally popular breakthrough character after the release of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, the series failed to capitalize on his fandom by giving the villain more screen time and focusing on the plot, as evidenced by his weak cameo Pirates of the Caribbean 5.

While the original trilogy barely touched on Jones’ backstory, in the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean film Dead Men Tell No Tales in 2017, the franchise tried to correct this oversight by bringing back Davey Jones. However, the return of Naya Davy Jones came too late and did not last long enough to save the sequel. Moreover, the sequence focused on the wrong element of the villain’s story from Pirates of the Caribbean. In his brief appearance, Jones was alive again and ready to swear revenge on Elizabeth and Will, but this is not the part of his plot that will best serve the character in the new movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

Explanation of Davy Jones’ original Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy

In the original Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, Davy Jones was in a strange position between the main antagonist and the henchman. He controlled Kraken, but he, in turn, was controlled by the East India Company and Cutler Beckett. He had a vendetta against Jack and had a history with Will’s family, but his tragic backstory with Tia Dalma was hardly touched upon. Ignoring this meant that his starring role in the original Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy was one of the many main villains in the third 2007 film At the End of the World. It was a misuse of an intriguing character that wasted the unexpected sense of bitter melancholy that Nighy had given to the role and failed to illustrate the tragedy of Davy Jones’ fate, never giving his story enough screen time for the plot to land properly.

The tragic (and little-used) past of Davy Jones and Tia Dalma

One small scene in the middle of the overloaded action “At the End of the World” showed that Davy Jones fell in love with the sea goddess Calypso, but betrayed her to pirates. This twist was buried in a wildly convoluted plot full of overlapping schemes, but could have become a touching, tragic origin story on its own terms. Tia Dalma/Calypso was just as exhausted by the original Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy as Jones, and her goddess form only came into play in the final moments of “At the End of the World” and, in fact, was a Deus ex Machina that allowed the Pirate Lords and Heroes to defeat Jones and the rest of theAn Indian trading company. Neither Tia Dalma nor Jones’ motives got enough screen time for viewers to take care of their story, but the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise should have used them more inventively.

POTC 5 was supposed to bring back Tia Dalma / Calypso

Not only did the James Bond franchise make Naomie Harris an even bigger star than ever by the time the disappointing ones were released in 2017┬áPirates of the Caribbean 5, the story of the doomed romance of Tia Dalma and Davy Jones was the most convincing part of Naya’s character. It was the formative betrayal that turned Jones into a monster and set him on the path of evil, which made the plot much more interesting than his fight with Will. In the case of Will and his father’s debt to Jones and Jack’s history with the villain, both storylines presented Jones as an uncomplicated sadistic monster who wanted to crush anyone who tried to challenge him. However, in his love story with Calypso, viewers of Pirates of the Caribbean caught a glimpse of the human side of Jones, an element of a character who was long dead due to the events of the original trilogy.

An unfortunate cameo in Davy Jones’ Pirates of the Caribbean 5 could see the character trying to find Calypso now or, even better, find Will and demand that he reunite the two of them.


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