Pirate Party issues a note against copyright troll action


Questioning the suitability of extrajudicial notifications related to alleged illegal downloads of content (sent to thousands of Brazilians in October 2020), the Pirate Party, along with several other entities, released, on Monday (4), a note suggesting there are “great reasons to believe that we are dealing with what we have called ‘Copyright Trolls’: people or organizations that carry out threats of legal proceedings, or other particularly aggressive attitudes, to obtain remuneration on issues related to protection of copyright. “

According to the document, such agents “act despite a real legal basis for their claim in these cases, and the notification is liable to cause psychological terror due to the threat of legal action that would hardly result in victory for those who brought it.”

A group of lawyers and lawyers has been formed to provide free assistance to those who are, in fact, prosecuted.

As for the detailed data of the alleged offenders provided by Claro SA, the group considers that “the scope of the information required [by Copyright Management Services, represented by the law firm Kasznar Leonardos] is clearly exaggerated, requiring that much more personal data be passed on (. ..) than necessary for the purpose of the plaintiff, which is in itself a visible and serious irregularity in the face of the principles of the Marco Civil da Internet and the General Data Protection Law (LGPD). ”

To end the situation before a possible judicialization, agreements of R $ 3 thousand were offered by those responsible. However, the note points out, there are no definitive indications that the downloads occurred.


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