“Pioneer Woman” star Ree Drummond says her Chorizo Burgers are “magical”


Food Network star Ree Drummond’s chorizo burgers are exactly what you need if you’re looking for a little more piquancy the next time you grill. Here’s how to cook spicy and juicy chorizo burgers from the star of “Pioneer Woman”.

Burgers with chorizo from Drummond are filled with taste

Cook’s burgers require thickly sliced bacon, mayonnaise, fresh cilantro, ground fillet, chorizo, canned diced green chili, olive oil, butter, eggs, buns, green lettuce leaves, chopped tomatoes and hot sauce.

She serves hamburgers with potatoes sprinkled with grated Monterey Jack cheese.

“The Drummond family loves hamburgers very much. And I love chorizo burgers because they add such amazing flavor and color without reinventing the wheel…,” says Drummond in the Food Network video, link below, for this recipe.

“They look magical; they just look a little more special than regular hamburger patties,” she said. Jokingly , the wife of an Oklahoma rancher added: “I wouldn’t say that out loud at a meeting of ranchers in Osage County. This will be our little secret. Add some chorizo to the burgers; you won’t regret it.”

Another delicious recipe with chorizo from Ree Drummond from Food Network.

Spicy burgers from Ree Drummond are cooked quickly

She starts by mixing minced meat with chorizo, chili, salt and pepper, dividing the meat into four “quite generous” cutlets.

Drummond cooks burgers in a frying pan with butter, pressing them down during frying: “I like to take a flat spatula and mash them well.” The reason she does this is because she wants “burgers to be nice, thin and have a large surface area.”

While the hamburgers are being prepared, the host of the cooking show is frying four eggs in butter in a separate frying pan. “Yes, I put scrambled eggs on these chorizo burgers,” says Drummond, adding that the eggs will be cooked “sunny side up.” (Drummond notes that “you can flip the eggs” if you don’t like them sunny sides.)

Meanwhile, the burger sauce is whipped together with mayonnaise, chopped coriander, salt and pepper and spread on buns. Finish it with a hamburger, cooked bacon, one fried egg, lettuce and tomato.

Prepare frozen potatoes according to the instructions on the package and serve with grated cheese (and, if desired, with hot sauce) along with hamburgers.

Get the full recipe on the Food Network website.

Try this burger recipe without buns from Ree Drummond.

Reviewers liked the extra punch in Drummond’s burgers.

The home cooks on the Food Network website liked the fragrant chorizo burgers from Ri Drummond. Between chorizo meat, chili, bacon, fried eggs and cilantro, there is something to admire in her performance of a classic dish.

“The burgers were GREAT! My husband cooked them on the grill. Just delicious! We like Ri Ri recipes,” wrote one of the reviewers.

Another person further enhanced the taste of the burger: “I added some taco seasoning to the burgers cooked on my grill. Great taste!”

Finally, one reviewer was surprised to note that a little more seasoning could be used in the dish: “With kosher salt in the meat mixture, add more than you think, I thought chorizo would make it salty enough, but I was wrong. delicious! I don’t remember if I’ve ever eaten two hamburgers!”