“Pioneer Woman”: a light salad with sliced antipasti from Ree Drummond, just “cook, throw away, dress and throw”


The star of the movie “Pioneer Woman” Ree Drummond loves an excellent sliced salad. Basically, when the ingredients are easy enough to assemble, the whole meal consists of four stages: “cook, pour, dress and throw.” Celebrity Food Network likes that the ingredients for her delicious Antipasti Chopped Salt salad from one dish can be prepared in advance, stored in the refrigerator, and then pulled out when dinner is ready to serve.

Ree Drummond makes everything simple thanks to the ready-made ingredients.

Drummond makes his easy kitchen recipe simple, with ready-made ingredients.

She said in her book “A Pioneer Woman Cooks: Very Simple!” she serves this salad in her restaurant Pawhuska, OK, P-Town Pizza.

Drummond admitted that this is her family’s favorite dish.

“We serve this salad at my P-Town Pizza restaurant and it’s my favorite salad in the world,” she wrote.

“Piles of sliced staples in cans, proteins from the refrigerator and fresh produce make this salad an absolute feast for the senses, and it will never get old for me,” Drummond shared.

“Prepare everything in advance so that when it comes time to collect the salad, it moves like lightning,” she concluded.

What are the ingredients for Ree Drummond’s sliced Antipasti salad?

The ingredients for Ree Drummond’s sliced Antipasti salad are the staples in the pantry.

These include romano lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions and a can of chickpeas,

A cup of pepperoncini in cans, mozzarella cheese, canned artichoke cores and green olives are also added.

The meat component of the dish includes salami and pepperoni.

Basil and pecorino romano cheese complete the dish.

It takes several minutes to grind the main part of the ingredients. Then add all the ingredients to a large bowl and mix.

Drummond suggests if you’re making a vinaigrette that includes oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, shallots, herbs and mustard, save the pepperoncini brine to add sweet spice to the dressing.

The star of “Pioneer” likes salad for dinner

Ree Drummond’s layered salad is a delicious way to get lots of veggies in the family, and it also looks good.

Salads are fresh, healthy and easy to prepare.

Drummond often serves cooked salads with the addition of proteins from meat or beans as a full meal.

These salads are presented as a light dinner when life on the ranch is bustling.

“Often in the summer Ladd works with cattle, so we have a hearty breakfast and lunch, and then cook a lighter dinner,” Ri said via the Pioneer Woman website.

“Sometimes we even have a salad as a main course — I add bacon or ham and grated spicy cheddar, so it’s more of a meal,” she said.

The full recipe for the salad with chopped appetizers from Ree Drummond can be found on the Pioneer Woman website.

“Pioneer Woman” airs on Saturdays at 10:00 Eastern Standard Time on the Food Network channel.