Pinterest’s Try On Now Lets You Test Furniture With AR


Pinterest is one of the sources of inspiration for many when it comes to creating almost anything. Artists find good references, handicraft lovers find new challenges and cooks find recipes to try. But neither do they leave aside those who love interior design, to whom the new Try On function for furniture that it has presented is aimed.

Try On, you can now try furniture in your home with Pinterest

It is a fact that augmented reality has gained great importance in recent years. The different application developers have taken full advantage of mobile cameras so that users can see on the screen an approximate result of how the product they want to try soon looks or feels like.

On Pinterest they have been using this feature for a long time, especially with the makeup tests of some companies. But now it’s the turn of Try On, a function designed for you to test how the furniture you see in the rooms of your house looks.

It’s all powered by Pinterest’s Lens camera search technology, which recognizes real-world objects to provide similar results that you can buy. Once the piece of furniture is chosen, whenever it is available, they can adjust the piece of furniture to see how it fits with the rest of the decoration of the house.

A rival to Ikea

Pinterest has been working on virtual reality for different products for some time. this strategy has made it an interesting site to try on cosmetics before going to the store and, now, Try On is available to try on furniture in AR at home. Starting today, users in the United States can use this feature from their mobile, and later it will be available for the rest of the world.

The truth is that it is an opportunity for many brands to show their catalog to users. We met this same idea when Ikea showed its Ikea Place app to see if your new shelf or that sofa fits well in the room where you want to put it among other furniture that the Swedish firm has available.

In fact, its operation is very similar, so if you have both apps you can complement them and check various styles that can fit you for the same type of furniture.