Pinterest Launches Its Idea Pins To Rival TikTok


Pinterest: Everybody searches the Internet for all kinds of pages to find solutions to their problems. Sometimes these solutions are actually ideas, products that others have put into practice and uploaded to the web for others to learn from. You may know or are in a social network with these characteristics, as is the case with Pinterest, which will now have its Idea Pins to find proposals for what you need.

New rival for TikTok and Instagram

You may not know it, but not all social networks serve the same purpose. Yes, in the end you manage to connect with people or expose yourself for others to see you, but the truth is that each one has its role. Some may compete directly as is the case with TikTok and Instagram with a format that the second copied from the first. However, this will not be a matter for Menlo Park thanks to the new feature that Pinterest launches.

The photographic application puts Idea Pins at your service. These types of content are short videos that users can make to upload their ideas. In the case of Pinterest, you will have numerous ideas and references at your disposal and the video format suits it very well to publicize the steps you do until you reach the end.

What can you do with these Idea Pins? As we have said, take as a reference the TikTok tool with which you can record your videos. Specifically, you will have a system with which you can capture up to 20 video cuts in no less than 60 seconds. It is also not far behind in what filters it is, adding a ‘ghost mode’ perfect for those who want to do tricks of the type putting a bowl with food and in the next clip the same bowl with all the ingredients cut. Of course you can use stickers and mentions to other users in addition to including a song that you like.

Yes, you can export your videos

One of the features that Pinterest Idea Pins also implement is that you can export the video file that you have created. This will help you not to double your work and you can upload the video that you have created to the rest of the social networks that you may have and thus spread your tricks to all corners of the Network.


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