Pinterest Launches Inclusive Hair Search Technology


On Wednesday (18), Pinterest presented an unprecedented, inclusive technology that allows the public to search the platform for hair types and refine searches through six categories. The creation of the novelty, based on artificial intelligence, considered black and Latino people, highlights the social network.

According to the company, the launch marks a breakthrough in inclusion and is a response to millions who use Pinterest for inspiration. Just in the last month, exemplifies, there were more than 120 million searches related to the theme, personalized and generic, as well as the publication of more than 5 billion Pins.

“This new tool will be a much-needed milestone for racial equity in the world of coding. Just the idea that I don’t have to work twice as hard to find a hairstyle because of my hair type is a revolution,” says Naeemah LaFond , Amika’s global artistic director, in charge of cosmetic products in the area. “I’m sure that, over the next few years, we’ll find ways to improve the process even more, but I’m excited because with Pinterest, we’ve made a giant leap forward.”

Opportunity and responsibility

Protective, frizzy, curly, wavy, straight and shaved/bald hairstyles are the categories implemented on Pinterest, and they deliver broad results, explains the company, which has worked with BIPOC content creators (black, indigenous and non-white people).

Out of curiosity, the company detected, through the tool, a type of hair among more than 500 million images. Annie Ta, Head of Inclusive Products at Pinterest, says: “Our mission in the Inclusive Products team is to help everyone feel at home on Pinterest. As a visual discovery platform, we have the opportunity and responsibility to do better and increase representation in the products we create.”

“That’s why we created hair type research using computer vision technology to help identify hair types in images. find inspiration for their hair on Pinterest,” he concludes.


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