Pinterest Bans Weight Loss Advertisements


Pinterest: The photo-sharing social network Pinterest announced this Thursday (1) that it is banning and will no longer accept ads with text and images about weight loss. The decision includes advertisements that idealize or belittle certain biotypes, with reports of weight loss and mentions of indexes such as BMI.

Pinterest reported that the creation of this rule was guided by the National Eating Disorders Association. Marketing of products, services and habits that promote a healthy lifestyle, such as gym and pilates services, is allowed, as long as it does not focus on weight loss.

A history of struggles

“This placement makes Pinterest the only major platform that bans all weight loss ads. It’s an expansion of our policy to ban body shaming and slimming products that can be dangerous,” the company reported on its blog.

Sarah Bromma, policy director at Pinterest, said the decision seeks to prioritize the mental and emotional health of users, especially for those suffering from eating disorders, diet culture or body shamming.

The social platform has been blocking the search for content in favor of eating disorders since 2015. In addition, the company also directs users to organizations specializing in the subject. Within the social network there were already rules against “magic” slimming pills and those famous “before and after” advertisements.

To celebrate the news, plus size content creators will share Idea Pins — the social network’s version of stories — with positive messages of body neutrality.


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