‘Pink’ Supermoon: Check Out Photos of The Phenomenon Around The World


‘Pink’ Supermoon: The first ‘pink’ supermoon of the year happened on Monday night (26). According to information released by NASA, the satellite reached its maximum point of approach to Earth at about 12:32 am on Tuesday (27). As usual, astronomy enthusiasts around the world prepared to record the phenomenon.

Some users, however, said it was not easy to see the difference between a normal full moon and the supermoon.

Pink supermoon?

By the name given to the phenomenon, many people wondered if it would be possible to see color variations on the satellite. However, the name Lua Rosa was thought to be a metaphor. In the past, American people celebrated the arrival of spring with the first full moon of the month. That’s because the season came after the intense winter in the region. For this reason, the natives had a tradition of celebrating the arrival of flowers with the so-called “pink moon”.

According to NASA, the next supermoon – and the last of 2021 – should happen in May. If you like to follow astronomical events, check out the calendar with the most anticipated phenomena of 2021.


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