‘Pink’ Super Moon is Coming This Week


The Moon, the satellite of the Earth, can get very close to Earth from time to time due to its elliptical orbit. In this rapprochement, it is called as Super Moon. A new Super Moon is taking place this week.

The sky events that take place throughout the year fascinate us with each view, as they are completely different from the usual images in our daily lives. It is the genius that we waive from our sleep in order not to miss these short sky events.

When the Moon is closest to Earth, it is less than 7% to 14% bigger and 30% brighter than the normal Moon view, that is, the Super Moon will happen. The Super Moon, which will take place at the beginning of April, will welcome us with an excellent color.

‘Pink’ Super Moon takes place this week.
The Super Moon, sometimes referred to as the Pascal Full Moon, also stands out as being the brightest and largest Super Moon of 2020. The pink Super Moon, which will illuminate the darkness of the night brightly and glowingly, will welcome us on April 8.

At the same time, a camera with a long telephoto lens is needed to capture a beautiful photo of the pink full moon, the first full moon after the Spring Equinox on March 20.

It is pointed out that the pink prefix used for the Super Moon, which emerged due to the Moon revolving around the Earth with an elliptical orbit instead of circular, is the ‘phlox subulata’ grown especially in North America. The fact that this plant has a vibrant pink hue that indicates the arrival of spring makes Super Moon, which will take place on April 8, is also called ‘pink’.


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