In his more than two decades of musical career, Pink had accustomed us to a fairly common image in her: very short hair on the sides and fantasy with toupees, crests or dyes on the top of her head.

But in recent hours the American soloist has left us speechless with one of her most radical look changes. The artist has completely shaved her hair. It does not become a head shave but it is the first time we see her with such short hair.

After a lot of years wearing the ‘pixie cut’, Pink has decided to change her style a few months after turning 40.

Just shortly after celebrating her birthday, her daughter Willow surprised the world with a hairstyle that reminded her of her mother with a half shaved head.

The photograph on Instagram in which he shows the fate of his tufts in his hands is about to reach a million interactions. With the only “Letting Go” text, the interpreter has caused a great impact on the social network.

Just take a look at the most prominent comments of her post, including her husband, Carey Hart, who loves his wife’s new look, or Selma Blair’s, who says they are now twins. Although the actress did it for a medical treatment, it is unknown if Pink has a solidary or medical cause after it.


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