Pilot Manages To Land Plane Broken In Half In Denver, USA


Pilot achieved a feat worthy of action films last Wednesday (12). Still unidentified, the specialist managed to land a plane that was broken in half in the city of Denver, capital of the state of Colorado, in the United States.

The aircraft, a twinchild Fairchild Metroliner, broke in half after hitting the air with a Cirrus SR22 2016 single engine. After the collision, the Fairchild pilot requested a landing at Centennial Airport alleging technical failure, without imagining that he was in a completely transport destroyed.

“It seems that the right engine has failed, so I will continue to land here,” said the driver in an excerpt from the audio that was released by air traffic control.

According to the National Transportation Safety Council, the entity responsible for investigating air accidents in the United States, the aircraft collided when preparing to make a descent. The Cirrus SR22 2016 pilot, who was also damaged, managed to land after triggering a fuselage parachute.

“Each of these pilots needs to buy a lottery ticket right now,” joked John Bartmann, sheriff of Arapahoe County. “I don’t remember anything like that, especially about everyone coming out unscathed. This is the incredible part ”, he reiterated.

The National Transport Safety Council also said it had sent a team to the scene to check the condition of the accident.


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