Pikmin: new AR game from Nintendo and Niantic


Nintendo and Niantic Labs joined forces for Pokemon Go 5 years ago. The fruit of this collaboration reached large audiences all over the world. As the Pokemon Go craze eases, the two companies are now coming together for Pikmin, one of Nintendo’s own brands.

The game, signed by Shigeru Miyamoto, is essentially a puzzle game. Although there is no concrete information about the augmented reality (AR) adaptation of the game, it is stated that the focus will be on the “fitness” experience. It is also among the shared information that there will be in-game missions that will encourage walking in Pikmin and make it more enjoyable.

Megan Quinn, Niantic’s chief of operations, reminded her company is Nintendo’s exclusive partner in AR games, and stated that Pikmin will meet players before the end of this year. The production of the game will take over Niantic’s studio in Tokyo. In a statement made by Nintendo, it was stated that this is the first of a series of games that the two companies will develop together.

Tatsuo Nomura, head of Niantic’s Tokyo studio, stated that an extraordinary experience awaits the players and the game will not be named Pikmin Go. The pre-registration process for the game has already started.


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