Pikmin 4 can tell you more about the fate of humanity


After Pikmin 4 has finally been revealed after years of seemingly being stuck in limbo in development, players will finally revisit PNF-404, an eerily familiar planet that everyone is convinced looks less like Earth and more like the real Earth. Since the first Pikmin game, fans have been thinking about the mysterious world that Olimar and company have been exploring throughout the series, and trying to figure out how it turned out to be the way it is in games. Between the emphasis on environmental storytelling and tidbits of in-game descriptions, players gradually pieced together an idea of what they thought had happened to Earth and, accordingly, to the rest of humanity.

Pikmin 4 now has the opportunity to continue this narrative chain that began with the first Pikmin game. From the brief footage shown for the game, viewers have already seen that Pikmin 4 will visit what appears to be a garden or backyard, suggesting that the game’s setting may be closer to the remnants of civilization than in previous games. Since the fate of humanity has so far been left to inflate theories, Pikmin 4 can finally allow players to explore more deeply what happened to people and the abandoned Land, which is free for the vagabonds of Pikmin, Bulborb, Snagret and others.

Pikmin, nuclear apocalypse and 250 million years in the future

While other games like Pikmin 3 Deluxe and Hey! Pikmin exist in the franchise, they are either spin-offs or remakes, so the main part of the series consists of three main games: Pikmin, Pikmin 2 and Pikmin 3. It is in these three games that players can carefully learn details about PNF. -404 and its connection with the Earth through environmental elements, treasures or game descriptions. They range from subtle nods, such as tin cans or cardboard boxes not suitable for the size of the Olimar, to more direct examples, with treasures referring to well-known trademarks, such as a Duracell battery or a 7-Up bottle cap.

However, in the first “Pikmin”, one of the parts of the ship that Olimar has to assemble is a Geiger counter, although he admits that he does not know what it is for, despite the noise it makes. For those in the know, a Geiger counter is a tool used to detect radiation, known for its unmistakable click. The Picmin shows that the Geiger counter is constantly active, which means that PNF-404 has a high level of radiation everywhere. The juxtaposition of two and two led fans to believe that humanity was destroyed by a nuclear apocalypse, and all the surviving creatures adapted after the fallout.

Despite convincing evidence for this theory, it has not been officially confirmed, but fans have been able to figure out that PNF-404 is probably Earth 250 million years in the future. The reason for this comes from Pikmin 3 after changing the design of the planet from the first two games. The geography of the island shows a clear similarity with real models of “Pangea Proxima“, a well-known idea based on the repeated destruction and transformation of continents within the cycle of supercontinents. Add to this the increased level of radiation, and many are convinced that PNF-404 is a very distant future of the Earth, subjected to nuclear devastation.

Pikmin 4 and an appeal to the fate of humanity

It is incredibly likely that Pikmin 4 will continue the tradition of Pikmin, teasing small details about the fate of planet Earth and the people who lived on it. Although there may be some issues that will need to be resolved, for example, Pikmin 3 shows that the artificial elements are more heavily worn than in earlier games, compared to the Pikmin 4 trailer, which does not reflect this. The simple reason for this is that Pikmin 3 is installed after Pikmin 4, which explains why everything still looks in good shape, but then Pikmin 4 would have to make sure it doesn’t conflict with the continuity of other games.

Alternatively, Nintendo might not address these issues at all and instead use the latest game as a pseudo-soft reboot, especially considering how long fans have been waiting for Pikmin 4. For example, Nintendo could finally define a clear timeline for Earth using the same storytelling techniques it has relied on so far. for example, the presentation of treasures, such as dated newspaper clippings that talk about the growing threat of nuclear war, to places based on shelters and Doomsday bunkers. By focusing not only on adding surface details, but also on officially confirming what actually happened to PNF-404 and humanity, Pikmin 4 will become the most significant entry.

Pikmin 4 will be released in 2023 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.


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