Pikmin 3 will be rereleased in Deluxe Edition


Nintendo is not having a very busy year, possibly due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus that implies changes in its schedule.

In addition, Metroid Prime – which could be this year’s flagship – was reset last year, implying that we still have many years to go before its launch.

So the first-party game schedule is … warm. The company’s most recent game was Paper Mario: The Origami King, announced in May and released in July. But that list will soon grow.

The Japanese used their social media to announce the remaster of Pikmin 3. The third game in the franchise was released for the Wii U in 2013, and now wins a Deluxe edition that includes all of its DLCs, plus new missions for Olimar and Louie.

Pikmin 3 is a real-time exploration and strategy game where players guide small creatures, known as Pikmin, through a planet known as PNF-404. The basic mechanics of the game see a crowd of Pikmin collaborating to perform specific tasks to cross the world or being hurled at enemies for damage.

It is not the first time that the company has gone to the Wii U to get a game to relaunch: Super Mario Maker and Yoshi’s Woolly World have been adapted for Nintendo 3DS, and Mario Kart 8 and Wonderful 101 have also moved from the last generation to the new with ports for the Switch.

The reason behind the decision involving game ports on its latest console is somewhat obvious: the Wii U failed to sell, and it would be a waste for Nintendo to leave some real gems restricted to such an unpopular platform.

Pikmin 3 Deluxe will be released for the company’s hybrid on October 30th.


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