Pig: Nicolas Cage searches for missing pig in new movie trailer


Pig: The producer and distributor of films Neon released, this Thursday (17), the 1st official trailer for Pig, a new dramatic film with Nicolas Cage in the main role. The feature film will tell the story of a man who is investigating the disappearance of his pet pig.

Directed by Alexander Wolff, who starred in Hereditary, Jumanji and Monk, the production has one of the most original plots of recent years. According to the official synopsis, the character Rob, who is played by Cage, is “a truffle hunter who lives alone in the Oregon jungle who must return to his Portland past in search of his beloved sow after she was kidnapped” .

The trailer shows Rob’s search for the animal, which is even done in restaurants, suggesting that it may have been turned into a meal.

Check out the full trailer for the feature below:

In an interview given to the Entertainment Weekly website, in October 2019, Wolff tore up praise for the protagonist.

“What I can say is that every day I jump out of bed and run to not only be graced with Nicolas Cage’s sensitive and acrobatic talents as an actor, but also to have fun and nourish myself intellectually and spiritually by my hilarious and deeply empathetic friend. “, said.

With the filming done 2 years ago, the production’s debut on the big screen was delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic. Pig arrives in North American cinemas on July 16, 2021 and there is still no forecast if it will be shown in Brazil.


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