Pietro and Laura are looking for a name for the baby together with Dieter Bohlen


He also maintains it privately! Dieter Bohlen (68) and Pietro Lombardi (30) were good friends after Pietro won the DSDS in 2011. The songwriter is currently seeing live how happy his buddy is, as he is with Laura Maria Ripa (26 years old) and they are expecting a baby together. Since the couple doesn’t know what to name their boy, the pop titan now wants to help them find a name!

The former translator of Modern Talking posted a post on Instagram. In the clip, he sits in the car with Pietro and Laura and thinks about a suitable name for the lovers’ child. “We are looking for something Italian,” a 68-year—old man explains the problem. However, the couple does not seem convinced of their idea to name the baby “Malondo” or “Blessio”.

That’s why the music producer quickly made an appeal: if you can come up with a suitable name for Pietro and Laura’s children, you can contact them on their Instagram channels. The singer and the influential man seemed to be very grateful to Dieter. Both commented on the post with hearts. The singer “Cinderella” wrote the words: “My brother.”


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