Piers Morgan Faces Backlash for “Misogynistic” Comments About Madonna


Piers Morgan’s comments about Madonna’s fashion choices were criticized by some viewers as “misogynistic.”

Yesterday (January 18), the TV presenter said on TalkTV that he was not impressed with the way the pop icon announced her 40th anniversary tour, which included a video in which she was accompanied by famous friends, including Diplo, Jack Black, Lil Wayne and Amy Schumer.

In response to the news of her world tour, Morgan accused Madonna of “trying to be a sexy kitten when you’re over sixty,” and cited a series of candid photos that the singer had previously shared on social media (via The Independent).

Speaking to Jeremy Kyle, Morgan said: “I think she’s become the most grotesque, embarrassing train wreck in the history of world entertainment.”

One person tweeted in response: “I think Pierce should cover his mouth, forget about whether older women should cover their bodies,” while another urged the host to “apologize for your misogynistic remarks about Madonna tonight, calling her a “sweaty mess.” “Hypocrite!”.

Elsewhere, someone wrote: “There’s nothing new about Piers Morgan making rude ageist remarks about Madonna, given that he’s been making rude ageist remarks about her since she was in her early thirties.”

Morgan claimed that he would say the same about older male musicians. Another Twitter user asked: “Would you say the same about Mick Jagger, Rod Stewart, etc?”

Last year, the broadcaster called Madonna “attention-grabbing” and “completely ridiculous” on television (via the Daily Express).

Madonna did not respond to Morgan’s comments. NME has contacted representatives of Madonna and Morgan for comment.

The presenter’s remarks about Madonna followed a furore following comments by former Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson about Meghan Markle.

Last year, the Amazon Prime Video Grand Tour host caused a huge backlash after writing a column for The Sun in which he referred to a scene from Game of Thrones while talking about Markle.

“At night I can’t sleep, I lie there, gnashing my teeth and dreaming of the day when she will be forced to walk naked through the streets of every city in Britain while the crowds chant “Shame!” and throw cones. excrement on her,” he wrote.

The column attracted almost 21,000 complaints, becoming IPSO’s most popular article, and many celebrities spoke out against Clarkson.

The presenter then said in response: “I am horrified that I have caused so much pain, and I will be more careful from now on.”

This week it was reported that Amazon plans to break off relations with Clarkson.


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