Picture Frame, this is the new speaker from Ikea and Sonos


Picture Frame: Ikea is one of the furniture stores most visited by all those who want to give their home a new touch. There are many who have a furniture of the brand, which you can ask to assemble them or on the contrary do it yourself in the comfort of your home. But among its products there is also a bit of electronics and a proof of this is the new Picture Frame speaker that it has launched together with Sonos.

This is the new Ikea speaker

You may not know it, or you may have skipped the shift section, but Ikea has solutions for electronics too. Of course, we are talking about small appliances that help give style to your home or make it more functional. And here we find devices such as smart bulbs, although the brand also has its research in other fields such as hubs. But it seems that before they arrive we will have a new speaker from Ikea and Sonos called Picture Frame.

Its shape is very reminiscent of a photo frame and, as if that were not enough, the space it covers is very small. For this reason it becomes an interesting solution to put it anywhere in the house where you need music. For more reviews, enter the Symfonisk family, which is intended for the sound section of the house. Its structure has a fabric cover that protects the speaker, which is interchangeable depending on the color you want to put on it. These have different designs and, depending on what they have in TechCrunch, they have a cost of about 20 euros to change.

In its upper part we find three buttons that will serve to raise or lower the volume as well as an on and off button. A curiosity about this device is that you can decide where to place the power cable, something that is important if we take into account that it is a frame after all. Aesthetics are put at the service of the user, who only has to connect their mobile to the speaker to reproduce the content of the associated device. For this you will have to use the WiFi that it integrates on its board.

This device reaches the market with an approximate price of about 200 euros to change, a high price considering other options on the market that are similar as far as home speakers are concerned.


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