PicPay announces new president and will expand services


Last Friday (31), the digital payment platform PicPay announced an exchange on its command. José Antônio Batista da Costa becomes the new president of the company, while Gueitiro Genso – who had held the position for a year – migrated to the board of directors.

Fintech is controlled by Banco Original, which is part of the group that owns JBS. José Antônio is the grandson of Zé Mineiro, one of the founders of the slaughterhouse, and was executive director of both JBS and the group’s investment company: VNMB Participações.

PicPay’s founder and Head of Technology and Products, Anderson Chamon, highlights the double challenge that will face the new president of the company. One will be to sustain the growth achieved in the management of Genso. The second, on the other hand, will consist of expanding the service offer for new users.

The platform has consolidated itself in the digital wallet market in Brazil and has achieved great growth over these months of the new coronavirus pandemic. This is due to high payments and transfers per app. In May, for example, fintech reached 20 million users and expanded the number of new monthly registrations to six times more.

Now, you need to be aware of new market solutions that are emerging today, which makes the competition increase. Current examples include the WhatsApp Pay tool and PIX – which was rolled out in October.

The PicPay application is available for Android and iOS systems, through their respective official stores. The download links can be found on the card located below the text.

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